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Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing

Our audiologists are able to fit stock and custom-made earplugs for a variety of different environments

What is the difference between DOCS Proplugs and moulded earplugs? How much do earplugs cost?

  • DOCS proplugs
  • Moulded Plugs
    • These are plugs that are individually moulded into the ears by taking a personalised impression.
    • They can be used for water protection or hearing protection.
    • Basic Moulded plugs can be done and taken on the same day using Otoferm Protect material  in the office COST: $33 per pair
    • More specialised moulded plugs are sent to the manufacturer (GN Resound)  for moulding into swimmers plugs, “hearsaver” plugs or musician earplugs.The cost of these will vary depending on the models ordered