What is it?

  • “Rhinoplasty” and “rhinoseptoplasty” are the same thing.
  • Rhinoseptoplasty is an operation that fixes problems with both the outside, and inside of the nose.
  • A nose that has a cosmetic problem will often be blocked.
  • A blocked nose will often have a cosmetic problems
  • A good rhinoplasty will give clear nasal airways improve appearance, and avoid a “post-surgical” appearance.
  • Dr Smith has extensive training and experience in external rhinoseptoplasty.
  • Dr Smith performs rhinoplasty on a frequent basis and achieve consistently pleasing results

Case studies

Case Study 1

A narrow, deviated, and overprojected nose with hump.
Associated significant nasal obstruction

Case Study 2

A severely deviated and obstructed nose after injury

Case Study 3

A severely deviated nose with nasal obstruction after previous trauma

Case Study 4

Prior rhinoplasty had been performed elsewhere with a poor cosmetic and functional result. A drooping, bulbous tip with severe nasal obstruction

Case Study 5

A very large, hooked nose with deviation and obstruction

Case Study 6

A saddle nose after severe trauma (kick) to nose