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Children's ENT

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Snoring/Sleep Apnoea
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Children’s ENT Clinic in Miranda

When it comes to your children’s health, you deserve a specialist who has the training and experience to offer your child comprehensive care. In the field of ENT, Miranda residents are able to make an appointment with Dr Edward Smith, a doctor who is trained in both adult and paediatric care.

You don’t have to let your child feel discomfort or pain unnecessarily – for ENT conditions, get in touch with Dr Smith’s clinic.

The Paediatric ENT Conditions We Treat

At our clinic, Dr Smith offers treatments for paediatric ENT conditions such as:

  • Snoring (either due to illness/allergy, or large tonsils/adenoids)
  • Tonsillitis
  • Glue ear (a painful middle ear infection)
  • Nasal obstructions
  • Grommet insertion
  • Coblation of Inferior Turbinates
  • And many other conditions that can impact children’s health

If your child is experiencing discomfort in their ears, nose, or throat, a visit to your local GP may end in a referral to an ENT specialist. If you’re located in the Miranda area, the team at Dr Smith’s clinic are ready to help.

Miranda’s Preferred ENT Clinic

It can be distressing for your child when they’re experiencing pain or discomfort attributed to an ENT condition; and hard for you to nurse them through it. However, these conditions don’t have to go untreated for long. Having been working in the field of paediatric ENT for many years, Dr Ted Smith is the specialist parents and guardians from Miranda, Kogarah, St George, and the Sutherland Shire call when they notice issues with their children’s health. With a young family of his own, Dr Smith extends the same empathy and care to his young patients as he would his own children. To make an appointment for your child, you can reach our reception on (02) 9525 3500 or send us an email at for more information.