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Dr Smith’s Approach to Nasal Surgery

Dr Smith's Approach to Nasal Surgery

Details of the condition

  • I will take time to diagnose, and discuss the causes of your blocked nose.
  • We will always consider the role, and usually try non-surgical treatment first (except in the case of severe deformity of the nose).
  • I perform a lot of rhinoseptoplasty (surgery to the entire nasal framework), and apply the techniques learnt in major nasal reconstruction to perform very reliable, definitive septoplasty, giving the best possible internal nasal airway, with a smaller surgical approach.
  • If you have severe deformity of the outside of the nose, or are worried about the look of your nose, I have extensive experience and expertise to address these issues with rhinoseptolpasty.
  • I also have extensive experience with endoscopic sinus surgery, and am able to definitively treat any associated issues with sinusitis.
  • In the rare case that a first operation does not give a perfect functional result, I will be happy to continue further treatment of your nose without any further out-of-pocket expenses to me, and would expect a satisfactory improvement in most cases.