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Correction of Prominent ears

Correction of Prominent ears

Details of the condition


Prominent ears, “Bat  ear” or “Lop ear” is a common congenital abnormality  related to incomplete folding of the ear cartilage as it develops in utero.

The ear protrudes further than normal from the side of the head, and has an abnormally flat contour of the upper ear in front view, as it is missing a normal fold in the cartilage (antihelix).

Once children reach about 1st class, it can become a focus of teasing by other children

Sometimes it does not cause issues in childhood, but can cause cosmetic concern in adulthood.

Dr Smith regularly operates to fix this problem

Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, and is relatively pain free, but may require some time off school or work.

A strip of skin is removed from behind the ear, and the cartilage is refashioned with carefully placed cuts and stitches.

The ears have a more natural appearance postoperatively, and the child can get on with normal life without teasing related to their ears.